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First time to hit Abra solo on a motorbike-scooter

Naguirayan, Pidigan, Abra
Rough road in Pidigan amidst the rice fields.

Another unplanned motorcycle adventure. The moment I went to the town of Pidigan in Abra, I asked an old lady stranger about the road going to the Abra River. I was alone and it is my first time to hit Abra province solo via motorbike.

Super spontaneous, I just tried if I can do it and I realized, just do it! Doing it will determine if you can really do it. Not just try.

Naguirayan, Pidigan, Abra

Naguirayan, Pidigan, Abra

Naguirayan, Pidigan, Abra
Visited this place called Naguirayan before dark. Uh, the night immediately caught the sunset because the moment the sun goes to the horizon lower, it will be be hidden by the mountains so no wonder why 5 pm here is already not as bright as other towns - less-traveled place at it's best.

I passed through endless fields with cattle grazing ending up at the Abra River. The road was dusty and I bet this becomes muddy when raining. It was hot too, but enjoyable. I was feeling the sense of adventure. I met people along the way, strangers to note, and me as a stranger to the town as well.

Naguirayan, Pidigan, Abra

Naguirayan, Pidigan, Abra

Naguirayan, Pidigan, Abra
I told you, I can say I am not a coward going solo to Abra because it is about to go dark when I left the place and hit the road in Abra at night.

More stories coming here. Keep connected riders!

Paoay Sand Dunes | Mini-Stranded

Paoay Sand Dunes
The wheel is submerged into the sand. No one was there to help. 

A solo motorbike traverse to the Suba Sand Dunes of Paoay, Ilocos Norte was like close to suicide, uhhh... just because I wanted to break the rules. You have to use 4X4 to explore these sandy desert look alike, and it should be. 

But because it was too expensive, 1 4X4 is good for 5 people who will share for the 2.5 fold of a thousand peso, I used a motorbike. 

 Look what happened? Lols. The bike is slowly but surely getting submerged into the sand under the sun owned by an eldest son, lols. Help help help! And I realized, I was just asking help from my own shadow. 

So with my shadow, I survived it because no other man came to help. Got sun burn, muscle aches, shoes filled with sand and of course, a bunch of stories and experiences to tell. Being mini-stranded doesn't necessarily mean to be tragic, sometimes it is funny. :)

Paoay | Reaching Suba Sand Dunes, My First Solo >100km Ride

The other day marked another important day (in my life) with this hobby of mine that some are against. It was my first time to go riding solo driving a total of 170 kilometers. I thought I can not do it but yesterday was a test of courage. 

Suba Sand Dunes, Paoay, Ilocos Norte
 Reaching the Suba Sand Dunes of Paoay, Ilocos Norte

I found out that I can do it. This will signal a longer motorbike backpacking I have always wanted to do but always failed to realize because of external resistance.

Now that I accomplished this test of courage, I am now ready for a longer solo motorbike backpacking. For some people, please understand that this what makes me happy. So when should I do it? When I become old? I think the right time is now.

Reaching Abra with a Motorcycle

I have always wanted to do a motorbike ride to the province of Abra but I still don't have the courage before. My mindset was just confined within negative vibes that it would be very dangerous to climb to Abra. But I believe they were just all hearsays. I've been hearing a lot of riders doing it. So if others can why can't I? Under the sun, with my bro, we braved the province of Abra.

It has always been a dream for me to have a photo at the Tangadan Tunnel, the entrance tunnel to Abra. But this chance used to be impossible because I usually ride on a bus.

Thanks to my motorbike! My motorbike is my favorite travel buddy that it allows me to explore each place extensively but with ease.

There are a lot of stories to share about this journey. We were able to go as far as the town of Dolores and took the Kalinga-Abra road! We also went to the banks of the Abra river at the San Quintin town and cross it with a free boat. 

There are a lot of things happened within this day. But the most memorable one is when we were taking the road back home when the heavy rainfall caught us on the road.

We traversed the road for 2 hours under that heavy rain non-stop, going dark, and we were just so wild and wet! To be continued...

Burnham Park, a haven for bicycle lovers, young or old

Burnham Park
An array of bicycles is awaiting bike-lovers to ride on them 
If I hear Burnham Park, the first thing that comes out my mind is boating and bicycling. Baguio City in the province of Benguet, is the home of Burnham Park.

Doing a bicycle ride around the park has always been a good idea. One of the many reasons why biking around this park is ideal is that it is pedestrian-friendly and you don't need to worry about bumping a motorized vehicle.

Burnham Park
Usually, children occupy the biking space in this part of Burnham Park
Burnham Park
The kids will surely enjoy biking here.

With the cool and romantic weather of Baguio, a bicycle ride around this park is a great way to warm up our body and stimulate our blood circulation.

At the west part of the Burnham Park is where the Children's Park and the Orchidarium is located. This part is just an ideal place for biking in Baguio City and even children can be safe while they do biking activities.

Biking at Burnham Park
Bicycles for rent

At the Children's Park of the Burnham Park, little kids can rent a single bike, bike in tandem and bike with sidecar.

Bicycling around Burnham Park, an instant relief and relaxation can be experienced as you unwind. With the pine trees all around, the beautifully blooming flowers, the cold breeze, there is feeling of peace inside.

Baguio City has always been so charming because of that quality. For leisure activities like biking, there will be absolutely more fun to behold!

Burnham Park
The green lawn is refreshing to the eyes

After biking, one can also enjoy resting at the green fields within the park. The green environment brings refreshment to the eyes.

Or if you want to float at the Burnham Lake after biking, feel free to do so. You can also rent boats and do a boating activity at the Burnham Lake.

Burnham Lake

Tapao Mountain Resort - Undocumented Motor Accident

Tapao Mountain resort
Quickie bicycle ride going to Tapao Mountain Resort was a good idea
With efforts for reforestation, the hills of San Juan, Ilocos Sur is becoming healthy again. The lush green hills become alive making the environment to look refreshing!

The location gets more ideal for adventure and leisure and bicycling this area is such a good idea.

Our group of 7 decided to visit the Tapao Mountain Resort in San Juan, Ilocos Sur. It was a 45-minute motorcycle ride convoy.

Along our way, we saw that bicycle. Should we wish to try it, that bike was not ours and we didn't know who was the owner of that bike.

San Juan, Ilocos Sur
My friends almost died when they ascended in this road via a motorcycle
Anyway, it was a motorcycle ride and my friends had a tragic experience ascending in this road.

We underestimated the difficulty of this route so my 3 friends (who rode on only one motorcycle) ascended. At a point, we were not expecting that the paved road going to the top of the mountain was sandy, thus making their motorcycle to slide down.

They screamed to fear... and to death... when they were already near the cliff.

To prevent their motorcycle from falling further, one of them jump off the motorcycle to reduce the weight while the other two were injured in counteracting the gravity.

Enjoying the woods before that motorcycle accident. I'm the third from right :)
Despite of the tragedy, we still pursued Tapao Mountain Resort
Reaching this mountain resort wasn't a regret at all because we learned how to caution ourselves. Indeed, everyday is a learning day.

Paduquit River in Suyo, Ilocos Sur - beautiful thirsty river

suyo ilocos sur
Motorcycle ride to Suyo, Ilocos Sur's Paduquit River
The mountain view keeps my eyes wide open into surprises and the addition to this is the river that is trying to cope up with the drought of summer. 

The river called Paduquit River or some call it Paduguit (variant) in Suyo, Ilocos Sur is struggling to unleash it's beauty in spite of the thirst it has to handle.

The emerald green waters of the river flows in between the lush green mountains that is truly very close to nature. The area is in the same way surrounded by mountains with very few houses, concrete structures and almost no vehicles at all. Some houses situated near the river are just especially made as a shelter for farmers who manage fertile farmlands near the river and in maintaining some aqua industries.

Well, it did not bother me so because being my first time to see this, I have no previous images stored in my brain's memory to compare with. 

Meaning, I saw it as it is without any reservations and the exposed whitish riverbed was just a fascinating feature with the clear and emerald green water. 

Paduquit River is streaming with an average elevation of 81 meters above sea level. However, although I was able to see this river without a huge volume flow, there is a low occurrence of extreme drought and flooding chances is extremely high.

Suyo ilocos sur
Suyo is in fact a very wide town with scarce population. So the natural wonders here are less altered, somehow. Although the river might look dry and thirsty, it was still beautiful and the riverbed which is made up of white-washed stones was always fascinating. 

The color of the riverbed blends into a harmony with the green lush mountains with a healthy vegetation that keep being green due to a river that provides the trees an essential basic need for their survival - the fresh highland stream. 

This was an another off-beaten journey using a scooter and together with my bro, we were able to explore the untold and unknown places and hidden wonders of the Philippines and right now, our ultra-active scooter landed in the town of Suyo, Ilocos Sur.

Daclapan Beach and Cabugao Church in Ilocos Sur

Daclapan Beach Cabugao
Daclapan Beach of Cabugao, Ilocos Sur at the background

During one sunny weekend, me and my brother Emerson hit the road up north for another motorcycle ride. 

Sadly, I lost some of our photos and the photos posted in this entry are the only 2 photos saved because I was able to upload them on my facebook account. 

Anyway, it was a 30-minute ride from Vigan where we came from and it was a motorcycle joyride under the hot summer sun.

We reached the Daclapan Beach in the town of Cabugao in Ilocos Sur and it was about 20 minutes more of motorcycle ride from the Cabugao Church.

Forgive me but I really lost the photos but this beach has a lot of fishing boats and it was lovely too!

Cabugao Church
Cabugao Church in Ilocos Sur

Another destination in Cabugao is the Cabugao church which is located along the highway. The church was with a white paint and believe me it was glaring under the rays of the sun where it was exposed.

Cabugao Church

Inside the Cabugao Church in Ilocos Sur

It was another fun ride with a motorcycle and I will be back here the capture again photos of the scenes we captured before that turned out to be lost.

Meet the cycling buddies behind Cycling Philippines

Sallacong, Bantay, Ilocos Sur
I am so glad that I am the elder brother of my two younger brothers who are in the same way fanatics of motorcycle rides so traveling with them with a motorcycle has always been easy.

Having a motorcycle ride with them has always been fun because we have the same interest so having a motorcycle ride is a great bonding time for us.

Old Quirino Bridge
My brother Edison, the motorcycle trouble-shooter

Edison was born next to me. He loves motorcycles and he is fond of customising his motorcycle.

This brother of mine is I believe the most well-versed among the three of us if we talk about trouble-shooting a motorcycle. He has a work experience of repairing mechanical troubles of motorcycles and guess what! He has no formal training or education of repairing a motorcycle but he learned on his own! Whoaahh! I am so proud of you bro!

From this, I can conclude that my brother Edison has passion about motorcycles.

Aside from motorcycles, Edison is also a drummer and he has won a local award with that. He can also play the guitar but don't ever ask him to sing. LOL!

Old Quirino Bridge
Emerson, my youngest brother/motorcycling buddy

Emerson is a graduate of radiomechanics who currently works on a local cable television program. He is also a motorcycle fanatic and he travels to and from his work using his motorcycle too.

Emerson, my youngest brother is the first one who acquired a driver's license among us three.

Aside from motorcycle, Emerson, whose nickname is Melting is in the same way a music lover. He is the best guitarist among us three. He can also play the keyboard and can hit the drum set too.

 Edmar, the motorcycle travel planner

Lastly this is me. I am Edmar, the eldest of the three. I am a full-time practicing nurse and previously a law student (who is currently having a break from stress).

I am the travel planner of the three and I set the place where we can have a joy ride together. I am also the blogger behind this blog.

My interest in traveling with a motorcycle begins with the concept of "worthy traveling." When I travel, I want to explore a place extensively and not just to see what is the famous or what is "cool" in a place. I tend to explore a place deeply and discover new things that others may not know yet.

So with a motorcycle, I have the freedom to observe clearly the environment of a new destination and take even the most off-beaten path. These travel compulsions of mine become easier to realize with a motorcycle.

Aside from a motorcycle, I also love music like my two younger brothers do. I am a vocalist of our church band where my two younger brothers also play. I also play the guitar, the piano and a little bit of the drums. I used to dance but I was just surprised when my two feet became "parehong kaliwa." LOL!

Our motorcycle diaries will be limited to some provinces of Northern Luzon only because we are not yet ready to do an ultra-lengthy motorcycle rides but we are looking forward of traveling the whole Philippines with a bicycle, motorcycle and tricycle soon!

Right now, I (Edmar) will be the main person who will take you to different destinations in the Philippines by traveling on a bicycle, tricycle or a motorcycle. I will be featuring beautiful cycling routes too that can be a good spot for cycling and some encounters along the road with relation to cycling.

We are the E-Brothers and we love Cycling the Philippines! Enjoy this travelogue!

Cervantes, Ilocos Sur via Motorbike in 6 hours

Me and my brother up above the highest point of any highway system in Ilocos!

I must say that Cervantes in the province of Ilocos Sur is my most favorite cycling destination (whether bicycle or a motorcycle) because of it's great beauty!

The town of Cervantes is considered to be the last frontier of the province of Ilocos Sur because it is located at the eastermost part of the province.

Finally, we reached Cervantes! The last town of Ilocos Sur, Yepeee!!!

The Cervantes town center, at a crossroad leading you to Quirino town and 3 more provinces in Cordillera. Choose where to go!

The town is the crossroad for 4 provinces and 3 of them are from the Cordilleras - Abra, Benguet and Mountain Province.

Of course, the motorbike that we used is Honda Beat. Honda Beat is very competitive on the road. It goes so smooth with efficient engine, we spent around 230 pesos for our gasoline which is way cheaper compared when commuting.

Amazing! There are pine forests in Cervantes!

My brother and I were surprised with what we saw. It was a stunning mountain road filled with free falling waterfalls and pine forests.

The 6-hour butt-numbing motorcycle ride was really worth it and the beautiful sceneries we were seeing were just non-stop as we continued to go higher to the mountains.

I was also surprised that the automatic Honda beat can manage this challenging motorcycling route. We did not encounter any problem and everything just went smooth and clean.

I was taking a nap with the pine trees. The air was freezing cold, I swear!

This motorcycle ride to Cervantes was just epic. There was no convoy - only me and my bro in one motorbike. It feels like we were the owner of the road because it was empty. We were the only people traversing that road although we saw one ambulance and two passenger vans along the way for a span of 3 hours on that mountain trail.

I never heard anyone doing a motorcycle ride to Cervantes without a "group" so if you know someone, let me know. All I know is that we were the only tandem, or one of the few if there are some, who have reached Cervantes in one motorcycle all the way from Vigan!

My brother on a point where we can see the lowlands of Cervantes

We reached Cervantes safely and bravely. If you are from Ilocos Sur, you'll be aware that going to Cervantes using a motorcycle is dangerous and we proved them right.

Yes, there were threats of falling rocks and landslides but I must say the "worth" of the ride outweighs the danger.

Notice the green plastic bag there, that is a container filled with gasoline.

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